Hi There

Hey, y’all, welcome to Mom Unqualified! My name is Amber. I keep it simple and real. If it’s going to make my day run smoother, I’ll do it. As you browse the blog, you will see I love to talk about parenting, relationships, simple DIY projects – emphasis on simple, recipes that take 30 minutes or less or that involve a crockpot, and health and wellness, with a focus on self-love and self-care. I’m really into daily affirmations right now. Check out some of my favorites from my post right here. Promise they’ll make your day better!

I’m not a perfect parent, and honestly, I don’t try to be. Be sure you check out 5 Things To Never Say To Your Children, because we all need a reminder every now and then. Another favorite is Why You Should Be Selective With Friendships. Because even as an adult, relationships are hard.

You can check out my About Me page to learn more, but I stay home with my two children and I still consider myself a working mom, I am just extremely underpaid. After nearly two years at home, I can say I have finally found something I enjoy and love to immerse myself in – writing!  I love being home and on my own schedule, but I also need time for myself (away from the kids). This is my ‘me-time’; my time to unwind, share, catch up and vent. So sit back, grab your glass of wine and let’s be friends! 

Hope you enjoy!